"aw that sucks :("
— me as a professional therapist (via spankmehardbarry)


the official twitter account for the environmental protection agency’s office of water just posted about being a C-list celebrity in kim k hollywood 




you know what? fuck you, you were the idiot who chose not to eat out of some stupid pride that made you think eating would make you gain weight. you madam are an idiot and you’re butthurt by the costume because it reminds you of how goddamn stupid you are. Learn to eat now cunt, you thought you were better off not eating well think again.

you don’t need to lecture the rest of us on how important eating is, we’re not idiots like you. In fact it is sad to see you in a hospital, they should have let Darwinism do its thing and let the stupid wipe themselves out.

fucking idiot telling us all that anorexia isn’t funny, of course its funny because only complete fucking idiots would willingly starve themselves.

— Words of encouragement to all of those with eating disorders from tumblr user 0nlygr33d